He Sat Upon A Throne of Time

There are plenty of covert groups that have existed through history.  They have left behind a hidden legacy that nobody really knows about, because they met in secret and did their rituals in secret.  They have been kept secret for multiple reasons ranging from fear of persecution to the fact that the magic they practiced is just too powerful to release to the general public.  Some of it was just sheer greed for power.  Why this power was hidden in the mountains and left for dead, I'm not entirely sure.  It's not important.  What is important is that we found it during an investigation that we were on while in France.  
This power comes to you from the scenic Cevennes Mountain Wilderness.  There isn't much out there beside people grazing their sheep.  They really don't go looking for trouble, though.  It's the perfect spot for hiding something-- like a Rosicrucian Temple.  Now, I'm not saying it was the biggest or grandest Rosicrucian Temple that we have ever been in.  It was a Temple though; and where there is a temple there is likely magic.  We hired a tour guide to take us around, but she refused to go up the narrow pass and ledges that led to the opening of temple.  The temple was built into the side of a mountain.  It had a narrow mouth and if you don't look really carefully it's easy to miss.  
At first, we thought we were just exploring a random cave.  We do that sometimes, you know, because when you are on investigation you've got to make sure that all quadrants of the area are checked.  What we thought was going to be a cave turned out to be a grandiose find.  When we slipped through the narrow mouth of the cave, we were immediately greeted by stone pews.  They weren't arranged like you would see in a church, though.  They were arranged in more of a circle.  With four rows going the whole way around one chair in the middle.  
The chair in the middle was made out of a very solid kind of wood.  I'm not sure what kind of wood it was, because I'm not a expert in that area, but it was very solid.  There were clamps for the wrists and feet, and a buckle to go around the waist.  It looked more like a torture device than anything else and the purpose for the chair and the layout of the room was intriguing and unlike anything that we've encountered before.  
By now, I'm sure you've realized that sitting in the chair was an inevitability.  I sat down and Deedee strapped me in.  When she was done strapping me in, I just kind of sat there staring at her.  I made jest of the fact that I was strapped into a chair from some past medieval meeting place.  I was laughing and carrying on when I felt the first pang of energy run through the side of my body.  Deedee thought I was kidding.  Then I felt the second jolt and then the third.  All of a sudden my body went in full blown convulsions.  I could hear Deedee in the mortal world trying to bring me back to consciousness, but it was too far away for me to answer.  I was in another place now.
Before me was a glowing throne.  It reminded me of one that they talk about in the Bible.  I'm certain it was not the throne of God, because I could see the entity that sat upon it.  The entity had four faces, one that saw into each direction.  Upon these faces were thousands of eyes.  These eyes saw everything at once.  There is nothing that these eyes don't see or haven't seen.  They are the existence of time, a hall of memories of all that has ever been done.  They will see all things that come to pass.  The entity with its four faces did not move from where it say, merely reached out its humanoid hand, in which there was an item.  Just one, but just picking up the item, I could tell it was powerful.  
As I returned to consciousness I could still hear Deedee calling out to me.  Despite the fact that it felt like I must have been out for about an hour, she insisted it was only a few seconds.  That right there let me know that whatever the entity was the I encountered sat on the Throne of Time, being able to control time as we know it.  The item that he handed to me was still in my hand when I cane to, even though it was only ever passed to me spiritually.  It was manifested in physical form, which is another reason that I know this entity is all powers and can control all facets of existence.  
When we tested the item, we determined that it was even more powerful than I originally thought.  This item has been made by the physical manifestation of power of the being that I found sitting upon the throne.  Not only does he allow you to control time, but he allows you to control reality.  By this I mean that the power in his piece allows full time travel to any place , past or present, that time has ever existed.  You will also be able to see through the thousands of eyes that the creature has, and they will act as portals.  These portals will allow astral travel to any realm that his eyes see into, which is pretty much all of existence.  
Furthermore, this piece will rearrange your DNA to that of a living God.  This means that you will be able to speak all curses and evil out of your life.  You will be able to speak any spell and it will be cast.   You will be able to create powers simply through bringing them to life in thought forms.  These thought forms will them become a reality.  You can also do this with entities.  Simply think up an entity in your head and the thought form can be brought to life.  It's a pretty amazing piece with very powerful ability.  You don't want to miss out on it.     
He Sat Upon A Throne of Time
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