Healing Blue Djinn

Healing Blue Djinn

Crystal is within this piece, she is a Blue Djinn who is a pure Mage --- she is a healer and a hunter.

Crystal has tremendous powers, but be sure to never abuse them!

She has control of the Astral Realm, which empowers her on a continual basis.

Her forecasted abilities include: Invisibility, Night Vision, Chameleon, Cure/Healing, Banishment, Remove Hexes, Increase Stamina, Protection/Security, and much more.

She is known as a pure wish-granter, considered the most powerful of all Djinns. Crystal will aide you in majestic work, and can teach you various techniques of magic.

Testers stated blessings of Wish-granting, Healing, Enhanced Intuition, Enhanced Psychic Ability and Prosperity when using this piece~

**Bring Crystal home and you will be fortified with wonderful endowments and blessings~!
Healing Blue Djinn
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