Heartbeat of Earth

Heartbeat of Earth

When you are dealing with any type of existence the question arises, "Where did it come from?"  When I was a child, my younger brother used to sneak out of the house at night and lay in the yard and watch the stars.  My mother would wake up and have a heart attack thinking that somebody had broken into our farmhouse, only to realize that my brother was the one who had left the door hanging wide open. When questioned, my brother would innocently ask my mom, "where did they come from?"  While looking up at the stars. 

Well let's shift that question a little bit.  Let's make it a little bit more personal.  Where did Earth come from?  How does Earth survive.  Well I can't necessarily tell you where the Earth came from, because according to your religion you might believe in something different.  By the way, while we are on that subject, I'd like to point out that all religions tell a similar story about the origins of the Earth, leading to the conclusion that there is one solid answer. <1> What I can tell you, though, is that Earth has is very own special power-- it's very own source of energy.  It is the sustenance upon which the Earth relies.  While there are races and civilizations that exist and thrive beneath the crust of the Earth, in hollow Earth, it is the very very center of the Earth that houses the good stuff! 

In the Center of the Earth is the white light cosmic sustenance that keeps everything glued together at the seams.  It is the energy that the creator used to put the Earth together and put it into existence.  It embodies the powers of the universe-- the stars, the milky way, the sun, the moon-- and uses the energies from these things as its food and means of survival.  As veins the Earth has ley lines.  These ley lines connect mystical powers and energies that have been "discovered" over the years upon which structures have been placed or built.  For instance the Great Pyramids of Giza were built on a very significant ley line, as were the pyramids of Bucegi, and the one in Bosnia.  Also stonehenge was built on a ley line, and there is an ancient holy mountain in Arizona traveled to by the Native Americans that marks the intersection of two ley lines.  The mountain is all natural and you can think of it as a pocket of Earth's energy that has spilled out onto the uppercrust.

These monuments and natural pockets serve as chakras for the Earth.  They are aligned in such a way that the energy is able to connect via these points and there are entrances all over the world, in these special spots, where the energy is able to be absorbed into the Earth for its survival.  The Earth is alive-- just in a different way than we  are.  Ancients knew this because they were able to listen to their bodies and realize that humans' own chakras line up in accordance to the Earth Chakras.  It's a complicated system, but when you fully understand you can align your own chakras with the Earths to be spiritually enlightened and set free of your physical bounds. 

I have some very exciting news for you.  Recently, in the bottom of the Baltic Sea, there was a object found.  I say object, because it really hasn't been identified what the object could possibly be-- well, you know, to normal scientists anyhow.  Scientists are baffled at the prospect that this structure could date back as far as 140,000 years.  Dives to the bottom of the sea have provided two concrete finds.  1.)  Stones that are black and are believe to have once been molten lava  2.)  there is an opening in the center of the structure.  It has not been determined what the opening is, where the opening goes, or for how long the opening extends.  It is just an opening.  Several specimens the "lava" rock have been obtain for sampling and testing by the scientists.  Of course, you know that Adita weaseled her way in on this one. Thus, I obtained my own sampling of the rock and have tested it the way we test things here at HC.

I have been able to determine, simply using the energy in the rock and remote identification that the object found beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea is another chakra on a very powerful ley line of the Earth.  I could tell, because the stone that was given to me holds immense solar energies.  It is an original testament to a sampling of the galactic fusion that keeps the Earth held together at it's core.  It is the white light powers that created the Earth and which sustain the Earth.  It is the Earth's soul in physical form. 

The rock I'm calling the Earth's Soul Chakra Stone.  What I am offering you is not the actual rock.  I'm keeping that because it is incredibly powerful and will help me do a lot of different things with a lot of different items.  What I am offering you is an item that will hold the same amount of energies and abilities as the stone.  It has been duplicated and transferred into this item. 

Using this piece you can sync your own chakratic energies and powers with those of the Earth's.  Once you have done this, you will be at one with existence and the stellar flow of the universe.  These powers will set you free from your physical bounds, allowing you to leave you body and astrally travel to any point or location in existence.  It will also bring you the highest ability white light psychic powers, including white light telekinesis.  You will be able to use these powers to develop full range psychic ability.  It isn't just normal psychic ability, but an ability that is rooted among the solar channels of the universe.  It is the knowledge that the ancients obtained that allow them to build their altars and monuments along the pulse lines and heart beat of the world.


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Heartbeat of Earth
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