Heaven Piece: Crystal Tears of the Sphinx

Tears of the Heavenly Sphinx


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This item contains the diamond tears of the Sphinx that Deedee encountered on her journey to Heaven.  She got to Heaven using the Real Pope's Ring that was have obtained.  It gave her the power to travel to Heaven, as it did myself and Jason. 

Anyway, if you can remember back to the  April 18th Radio Show, Deedee gave a brief account of part of her experience with traveling to Heaven.  If you weren't present for the radio show, then shame on you, but you can listen to it at our archives located at www.blogtalkradio.com by searching keyword hauntedcuriosities. 

When Deedee gained entrance into Heaven she was taken to a place where there were seven mansions; However, before the seven mansions was gigantic, mesmerizing, Sphinx that was built entirely out of diamods.  During the radio show she quizes us by asking, "Who do you think built the Sphinx and why do you think they built it?"

She goes on to explain to us the Sphinx here on Earth that is found in Egypt is actually a smaller replica of the one in Heaven.  It was built by memory from the Nephilim, the children of the Watchers, who were fallen angels from Heaven.  These watchers saw how beautiful God's woman creation was.  They began taking these women as their wives and having children with them.  These offspring, who had the exact same powers as the Watchers with human characteristics, were the Nephilim.  They were a giant race of individuals with many powers. 

They built the Sphinx out of the memory of the one in Heaven.  It was a diamond Sphinx that was guarding a cul de sac of Seven Mansions that were the Seven Mansions of the Lord.  Deedee was sure to stress the beauty of the Sphinx, which was indeed female.  It was solid white in appearance a shimmered like a diamond in the sun.  It also guarded a huge table in the distance where there was a table, at which God and His 12 disciples held counsel. 

The Sphinx cried beautiful tears of diamond that would soundlessly float to the ground, one right after the other.  Here there are a collection of tears, one of which Deedee was allowed to bring back with her.  The diamond has been set in this ring, which is the all-source of Heavenly magic. 

This power gives you a psychic connection to Heaven.  YOu will gain the unique ability to be able to summon any Heavenly being for their divine presence and powers.  For instance, if you need to summon Saint Michael for protection, or Saint Christopher to Bless your travels, or the Blessed Virgin for her divine providence and intervention, or Jesus for his miraculous healing powers, or Saint Paul for his leadership abilities, or Saint Anthony for his help in finding the lost... you can.  As you see the powers of this piece are limitless as there is a patron saint, or angel, or other heavenly host in charge of all situations, causes, scenarios, circumstance, etc. 

Even if you don't know who to summon, but you know your problem, this piece will work for you.  You can meditate with this piece and tell it the problem you are having.  The correct being to deal with this sorrow of life will be summoned and your problem fix.  Having financial difficulties?  Have a child that insists on falling under wrongful influence?  Need a promotion?  A new car?  Is your pet falling ill?  Do you want to rid your house of all evil?  Is someone you know possessed by evil?  This piece is the answer to all of your problems both worldly and spiritually.  It transcends to Heaven and sorts out and summons the right spirit to help you with your problem, kind of like the Auto Trader commercial.  You remember... "I wanna buy a car... no a red one... no a sports car...  Okay, now I need insurance... and a loan."  My point is, this piece is like spiritual radar who will summon the spirit with the power you need when you need it. 

This piece is a very powerful, one-of-a-kind opportunity.  We never had a summoning piece as powerful as this one and probably never will.  If you want a good, solid, spiritual connection into Heaven, then this is the item.  It entails all the powers that Heaven has to offer, by giving you the ability to reach to the spirits in all corners and crannies of Heaven.  You do not want to miss out on this piece!! 

The ring it's self is 24K gold and the diamonds, of course, are real and pure.  They are the purest diamons that you will have ever encountered.  This piece is well worth the taking!!        

Heaven Piece:  Crystal Tears of the Sphinx
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