Hermetic Alchemy of Astrology and MORE

Hermetic Brotherhood

The piece that you see here is a piece that has been forfeited to us by a covert brotherhood of believers. We had correspondents working on locating their existence, which we caught on to a few years back. Once we were able to recognized the fraternity for what it really was, they made a counter offer. If we keep their existence a secret, they would share with us the original powers that were bestowed upon them by the gods. This is what I am offering you.

The piece that you see here is an original piece from the society of secret members that I previously described. It has been divined by the leading member of the Hermetic Brotherhood and holds a variety of secrets and mystic revelations.

This piece will give you the power of the Corpus Hermeticum, which will allow you to travel to the realm of the spiritual past. With this piece you will be able to follow Hermes, the founder of Hermetic Alchemy, on his journey to magical perfection. You will be able to see where he has derived his magical powers, and you will be there when he receives his divination from the god, Poimandres, who gave Hermes the powers of the universe. You too, then, will receive the powers of the universe.

You will be give the power of Alchemy. This power will allow you to perform magic arts, as found from medieval times, all the way back a predating Egyptian times. This magic will allow you draw powers from the Earth, to complete spells, divinations, charms, miracles, and other forms of raw magic. It will give you the ability to control all elements that can be found naturally occurring in the world. It will also give you the ability to summon the name of the God, Poimandres, for assistance with all things alchemical.

You will be given the power of Astrology, which in Hermetic Alchemy is the patterns of all the planets and the moon. You will be given an understanding of the how the universe works, and how portals and realms parallel to our own work. You will given powers over these portals and realms and the ability to create, manipulate, or expunge any realm. You will able to cross over to and visit other realms of your choosing, where you will be able to explore and find new powers and alchemy to enhance your ability.

Lastly, you will be given the secrets of Theurgy, which is the power of the stars. In the stars, there is held to forms of the most pure magic. The first one is known as divine magic. This magic comes from all that is good and is considered to be white magic, even though it is more of it own brand. You will be able to to perform this magic for your purposes.

The opposite magic, Goetia, is a form a dark arts and dark magic. It is essential to this piece though, because will open your understanding to how Goetia works and allow to perform reversals, cleansings, and readings. It will also allow you to provide yourself and others with spiritual protection from all thing that are evil or dark.

The piece I am offering you has been tested and proven to work. Again, it is an original from the Hermetic Brotherhood. You will be given exclusive rights to their magic that has been passed down to them. There are no limits on this magic and the possibilities are endless. You will receive the piece that you see here.

Hermetic Alchemy of Astrology and MORE
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