Heswalt's Gan Magic

Refreshment of Heswalt<br /><br />

Shaman of extreme nature, Heswalt, is a Gan. He is an Apache Indian who is invoked with powers to drive evil spirits away and attract good fortune. <br /><br />

This piece was brought to us from Adita, she found it while she was in New Mexico visiting her great aunt. The piece was given to her aunt from a man that attended her church when she was suffering from deep depression. It got so bad that she hadn't left her home for weeks. When news got around about her condition, the man stopped by her house and granted her the offering.<br /><br />

Guliana, Adita's aunt -- said the man was insistent that she wear this piece -- and he guaranteed that she would feel better soon.<br /><br />

Guliana not only ended up being cleared of her depressed state, but she started to become very lucky and ended up doing a 180; giving her a new outlook on life, a new re-found reason to live!<br /><br />

Adita was amazed at how well her aunt was doing and Guliana told her the piece blessed her. Adita held it and immediately felt an intense connection from the item. She asked her aunt what her plans were for the piece; she said that the man only said to play it forward -- Adita asked if we could have it to test the piece. The enchantment is amazing!<br /><br />

Heswalt will come forth and extract all negative and evil energies that you have collected over the years. You will be blessed with his enrichment of good fortune and ability to break down all your blockages of negativity that have been hindering your life~<br /><br />

The intricacy in the stones that are fit into this ring, represent the unity of your new mental state and overall state-of-being.  Each stone emanates an energy that was cast into by Heswalt the Gan.<br /><br />


Heswalt's Gan Magic
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