Hidden Templar Alter

Hidden Templar Alter<br /><br />


Recently I wrote up a piece that we got in Italy that was dark in nature.  This piece also comes from the same stay in Europe. We actually went out on several investigations while we were there a few years ago.  This is one of those investigations.  <br /><br />


We were given a call by one of our regular customers and he told us that he needed our help right away.  Since we were already in Europe we decided to take a break in England and lend an helping hna on an investigation.<br /><br />


What we encountered when we got there was an incredible find.  We stopped in a little house in a town outside of Shrewbury, England.  The family that lived there led us to a metal grate in their floor.  There was barely enough room, but somehow I managed to squeeze my extra-large behind into a room  whose walls were paved entirely from brick.  There was a alter and a few little pews.  Guess it could have been anything but judging from the wooden cross relic on the floor and the transcript that was written into a script I couldn't understand.  <br /><br />


After my psychic abilities kicked in, I immediately realized that this sanctuary was originally used by an ancient Ancient Catholic Fraternity, whose actions were completely covert, even to the Holy See.  It houses pure, unadulterated, white powers for those of you enjoy this type of magic.  <br /><br />


I took a seat in one of the brick seats by the all-brick alter.  The room began to shake, the sky was opened up, and my soul ascended into Heaven.  I was put into a ceremonious ritual, during a legion of intercessory praises and songs unto the Lord. I was given a holy esoteric crown, which allowed me to ascend to the Seventh layer of Heaven, where God made me like an angel.  <br /><br />


This piece contains crushed up rock bits of the bricks that were originally in the alter.  The piece will give you the same experience that I had.  You will receive 7th Level Heaven White Divinity.  It won't turn you into a full blown angel, but it will give you all of the powers of the angels while still in human form.  It will give you white spiritual protection.  Additionally, this piece is the power of good-will and you will receive a refreshing spiritual and aura rejuvenation.  You will also enjoy the wealth power that has been intercalated to this piece!!  <br /><br />


It is a very powerful, high white light item.  The secret Catholic Fraternity has been in existence at least since the 1700, and were most likely a branch off of the Rosicrucian Elitists and the Knights Templar.  It has afforded the piece that magic that I spelled out above.   This could be your next big break, so why take chances?  Make this piece yours today!!    <br /><br />


It makes sense to say mention that this piece is sterling silver.  Sterling silver is a very powerful conduit for magic, and thus this piece is very powerful!!

Hidden Templar Alter
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