Highgate DNA


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Highgate DNA

I got this piece on an investigation while I was in Highgate Cemetary.  I know that we have had other pieces come from this place, but this one is one that we have

been working with for over year, because at first we weren't sure how to get it to work.  After extensive testing, we have finally found the secret that unlocks the

power in this ring.  Get ready for all the rush of an exciting amusement park ride, because your about to go on the ride of your life. 

This band holds the energy from an original highgate vampire.  It doesn't actually hold the vampire entity itself, but it can summon it for help for direction.  This

piece is designed to release the Vampire DNA that you have locked deep within your own mortal body.  The first think you want to do in press the top part of it to your

thumb or forefinger.  It doesn't matter which one, because either way, it will be able to read your DNA.  

Once you have pressed your finger to the ring, leave it there for approximately 33 seconds.  Afterwards, remove the ring and wear in the conventional way, or on a

chain as a pendant.  The ring will have already begun to read your DNA and keep the ring on your finger is important during this process.  It holds your Vampire DNA

that will need to rebond to your soul to reawaken your true form. 

Once the power in this piece begins, it will awaken a new sense of ability and powers with in you.  Third eye abilities, mind enchantment, and complete hynosis.  The

vampire I got this from was an astral walker, so you gain that ability as wll.  It will manipulate your DNA in a way that will give you all the powers of the Highgate

vampire (if you don't already have it), without actually physically transforming you which eliminates the need to kill and drink blood!!  That's always pleasant. 

This piece is VERY powerful.  It will give you total Highgate abilities and understanding of all the alchemy and magic this group practices!!   

Highgate DNA
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