Holy Cross of the Excommunicated

I never really quite understood how the Catholic authorities had the right to excommunicate people.  I mean, I suppose that they have been given the authority by God to spread the word and they are given help by the Holy Spirit, but if they are here to do the Lord's work, who has given them the authority to take somebody away from the Lord via excommunication.  Then, you have the fact that the majority of these excommunications have been politically motivated.  It just gives more to the concept that even in religion, there is corruption and it has been that way from the beginning of the Church, when Simon was excommunicated for supposedly asking to buy the ability to spread the magic of God.  Heaven forbid someone on the outside would want to help.  

The point is that this piece comes from an association of excommunicated individuals of the Catholic Church who were excommunicated for various reason.  This is not to say that they are evil, because why would they be evil just because they had a differing opinion or they wanted to be a little bit more involved than what the higher ups were comfortable with.  In fact, on the contrary these people are very respected people, on a spiritual level and it was actually neat meeting all of them and seeing what each individual had to offer.  We met them through a liaison that we met at one of the underground auctions that are held  semi-annually.  This is where some of our stuff that doesn't come from an investigation comes from. 

This piece is not the result of an investigation, but rather it is a gift from this association of the excommunicated.  It goes to show that just because you want to think outside of the box as far as religion is concerned, you aren't necessarily punished.  It is about the connection and relationship you hold with God.  These people were some of the holiest white lighters I've ever met and the powers in this piece that they gifted us are pretty serious as well.  

To begin with, this piece does pure white light protection.  It's not a spell, this power has been imparted directly from God via a white light summoning ceremony that called upon his protection powers.  This wraps the person who wears this piece in an invisible shield that is literally "everything proof."  It will erase all the evil and darkness that is currently in your life.  It will than act a a safety net, chasing away all evil and dark entities that come your way in life, black magic, curses, hexes, spells, etc.  It will send these back to their owner, where they belong, with a vengeance only God knows.  

Second, this piece will afford you the ability to practice miracles as they were in Jesus' day.  You will be able to heal with the white light of God.  You will hold divine prophecy of our times and the End Times.  You will gain a white light psychic mediumship ability whereby you will be able to raise any soul that you want from the dead and it will work well, because you are speaking with the authority of God, who has created all things.  This piece allows you to summon angels to do your biddings for you whether those are to seek retribution from those who are unholy or to bring you wealth.  

The piece is beautifully done in purplish beads and silver-toned jewelry.  I know that it doesn't look like the most expensive piece in the world, but consider the fact that it has been handmade by those who are members of the association.  Each bead has been imparted with white light powers and purple is the color or the majesty of the Lord.  The silver parts are sterling silver and so is the chain that it is hung on.  Also, it's not always about the piece that is chosen, but the powers that were chosen to be put into the piece.  I think the powers for this piece pretty much speak for themselves.  Don't miss out on this opportunity because it is the only piece that we have like this one.

Holy Cross of the Excommunicated
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