Holy Relic Awakening

Holy Relic Awakening

Nearly two millennium after the formation of the Bible as we kniw it was finalized, the quest to understand its mysteries continues unabated, perhaps because they provide a glimpse into a world beyond the one we can see and experience.

The thrill we feel when confronted by a supernatural mystery is a bit like the thrill a child experiences when being told an exciting secret. We feel the rush of adrenaline as we encounter something few can understand --- or the suspense of not knowing what will happen next~!

Confronted with the prospect of someone who isn't bound by the laws of nature, we might even feel a bit of uncertainty or fear. We begin to suspect there is something beyond what we can observe with our five senses.

The Bible is a book that raises many questions, yet offers few answers, about the supernatural world. While those who experienced these extraordinary events described throughout this book held a different perspective on them than the perspective of a modern world, their stories still speak to us, even if we don't fully understand them.

In this modern world where we have so many answers at our fingertips, these events remind us that mystery is a part of life, and faith~!

This blessed piece was found on a trip to the Holy Lands and it embraces the facets of divine power that will grant you all the answers to the mysteries that have been eating away at you in your life.

Have you felt backwards in your sensations and emotions? You seem to feel that there is something wrong, that you are not getting ahead and you have hit a wall. That life is the same daily;  you are stuck in such a routine that life sometimes feels like it is not worth living --- this is a litigated rut that has taken over your body and spirit~!

This piece will relieve you of this toxic decay that is attacking you and will replace it with a full re-birthing of magnum white light.

You will have a renewed appreciation of life and all the facets of glory that we cannot see!

**Relic item of extreme glory~!!

~ Simply place a piece of your hair and a personal prayer written on paper into this locket to erupt the energies to impose within you!

Holy Relic Awakening
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