Holy site Monsterboice ( 40 STERLING SALE)

This item comes from a modern-era Celtic Druid that we hold regular correspondence with in Ireland.  He has found this piece near the ancient holy site Monsterboice.  Monasterboice is a holy site that previously housed  a monastery, an old cemetery, and two of the finest high crosses in Ireland!  It is one of the most spiritually enigmatic places in Ireland.  It is where this piece gains it amazing ability and it is serves as an entry way into the Celtic Realms.  Irish people are proud of this place as part of their heritage, and place where spiritual energy flows freely.  

This piece was, again, given to me by a Celtic Druid who grew his roots deep in Celtic magic and mysticism.  It abounds pretty freely as the Irish are known for their magical abilities.  This particular piece holds the powers of the spirituality of the Monsaterboice.  He created it for his own use, but has insisted that he has used the piece often enough and that it is time to allow somebody else to share in his experience.  This piece opens what I like to call your Irish eyes.  It will allow you to see through the history annals of Celtic Magic.  It won't actually allow you to travel back into those times, but as soon as you wear this item, you begin to feel a spiritual, psychic flow.  Shortly you will be able to open your Irish eyes, which will take you across a history of Irish magic, where you will be able to view magic rituals, seances, and processes as a fly on the wall.  You will become an expert in Irish Craft and be able to perfectly understand and practice Celtic Magic, which is serious one of the most powerful types of magic that I have come across.  This piece gives you access to all Celtic Spells and Celtic White Light Sorcery.  It will allow you to appeal to the gods for their power and will bring you the powers of the four elements of nature.  This piece was a very powerful experience as we were testing it.  You will definitely enjoy this one!

Holy site Monsterboice ( 40 STERLING SALE)
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