Hoot for Luck

Hoot for Luck

This pendant is faceted with essential majestic oils that will radiate the allure of luck that Owls hold. Mystical and assertive, these creatures implement true discern when it comes to blessings! If you ever come in contact with an Owl, and it makes a long eye to eye contact with you... then you are destined for something great to happen!

The chances of this occurring is rare so we have brought the opportunity to make it happen come forth with this piece! You will gain the vibrational power of the blessings that Owls hold when you wear this piece.

Testers have utilized this to showcase gain in money, power and magic abilities. The Owl will elude your brainwaves and kinetically channel what you need, want and feel and will bring that to light through his energies.

A true blessing of power and luck will be yours... no more waiting for that "chance" encounter with an Owl, as you will have all the enrichment in this prosperous pendant!

Hoot for Luck
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