Horatio the Hero

Horatio the Hero

This piece holds a beautiful, insightful female Unicorn, named Horatio~!

When you wear this vessel you will connect with her and become her master.
She will generate  tremendous intuition, sensitivity and understanding of her master in a very brief amount of time.

She is friendly and kind, but also serious and mindful of the tasks that are given to her as well as overseeing your well-being. There may be events whether negative or positive, that you are not aware of, and she has the ability to connect with you and give you a moment to pause, think, look around and take note of something that would normally be discarded as a distant memory!!

Horatio gives you chances to learn new things, gain wisdom and knowledge in areas that would otherwise go untouched, and later learn to be invaluable.

With these gifts come increased psychic abilities and an ease in connecting with spirit and foreshadowing your own events – without her aid. As kind and gentle as she is, she is also a mighty warrior ready for battle on behalf of her master, and her master’s loved ones.

She is true white light, beauty, bringing peace and tranquility and unconditional love. Her presence is felt immediately upon her entering a nearby room, and comes the moment her name is called.

Joy, peace, a lighter feeling, and optimism will fill your home and life when she is near. She is fantastic for those with children and pets; she is loving and protective.

** You will gain psychic enhancements, promoted success, strength and courage, happiness and confidence. A great piece for anyone!

Horatio the Hero
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