Hot German Sausage... I mean Sex Vampire


It was a regular school day, on a regular day in September; I left my class early and walked down the hall of my high school towards the entrance, which was on the other side of the school. I was hoping to find my cousin still in her class, so as I passed the room I popped my head in a little to look for her...<br /><br />

“Great, she's still here.” I said under my breath.<br /><br />

I had hoped not to see her teacher, and I was lucky, she wasn't in the class. Most of the students had left, but there were a few of them still in the class, chatting.<br /><br />

“Pssst. Jessica.” I tried getting her attention, as her back was facing me. Not only did Hannah turn, some other students did too. Among them was a handsome boy seated in the front corner of the room. My cousin came over and we talked at the door. “My class is over, and if yours is too, wanna walk home together?”<br /><br />

“Yeah, I'll see you in a while. We're just discussing something now. I'll be out in five minutes.” Jessica said.<br /><br />

I couldn't help noticing the handsome boy staring at me. My eyes met his and we locked for a couple of seconds, and I began to feel anxious, but excited. His eyes were a piercing green, they radiated and when he looked at you it was as if he was looking through you! <br /><br />

My cousin noticed the slight smile on my face and turned back to see who it was that I was amused by. When turned back to me she frowned. We didn't talk about it then.<br /><br />

“Well, see ya' later.” I said, and made my way downstairs to wait for her.<br /><br />

My cousin came down with another classmate, and we walked together. I was at the rim of my patience to ask her about the handsome classmate of hers, and when we parted ways with other girl, I asked excitedly. “Who's the good looking boy?... he has great arms and you know I love blonde guys!”<br /><br />

Jessica frowned. “Which good looking guy? All the guys in my class are...” Hannah pouted her lips and frowned even more as she shook her head. “There's no handsome boy in my class. I wish there was.”<br /><br />

“Tst...He was seated in the front row, beside a girl and another guy. The girl wore a red ribbon in her hair. I can't remember her name.” I said, a little frustrated.<br /><br />

“You mean, Sarah?” Jessica said.<br /><br />

“Yeah, I think so.” I replied. “So, who's the guy sitting beside them?”<br /><br />

“There's only Mario seated beside Sarah. And he's not good looking, not at all," Jessica said, rolling her eyes to the ceiling.<br /><br />

I glared at Jessica. “I know Mario, and I don't mean Mario. The other guy, Jessica!” I was already to the point of giving up with trying. “He was wearing a white tee and blue pants. His skin is white, very white.” I said, in a last breath and walked on.<br /><br />

Jessica looked at me suspiciously. “There's no one in my class by that description.”<br /><br />

I glared at Jessica. “Oh, forget it.”<br /><br />

“Jonathan?” Jessica said, feeling guilty.<br /><br />

I shook my head, no.<br /><br />

“Eddie?”<br /><br />

Jessica went on mentioning other names but they were all names I was familiar with. I was really frustrated and angry with her, because she was missing who I considered stunningly attractive. Jessica and I normally had the same taste, but she had let me down this time. I walked on and we never spoke of the handsome guy again.<br /><br />

Feeling guilty, Jessica spoke to Mario and Sarah about the mysterious handsome guy when she was back in class the next day. Both Mario and Sarah were surprised that I had seen another guy with them. They clearly remembered there was no one else apart from themselves. The queries had left Mario, Sarah, and as well as Jessica, quite spooked.<br /><br />

Soon the entire class had heard about the handsome boy, and since then, many of our schoolmates had come out saying things that they had not dared to speak out before, fearing embarrassment. The stories went around, and even the teachers who had worked there for many years, shared their experiences. <br /><br />

They said they heard some teachers had on occasion seen a floating lady in white gown, a young girl hanging by the neck from a rope tied to a tree branch, and boy scouts marching about and disappearing into walls.<br /><br />

These encounters did not revel what I cared about, and that was the sexy beast of a man that I saw. I only came out my senior year, so this was exciting to me to have a very sexy man look at me the way this 'guy' did. So to find out that I was seeing a "ghost" made me almost angry.<br /><br />

Jessica was my closest friend at school and she was fine with my sexuality. So she was the only one I truly confided in with who I thought was attractive. After that day I started regularly going to Jessica's class in hopes of seeing him again.<br /><br />

Of course it seems that when you are looking for something, or someone, you never can find them. I eventually gave up on my prince and after about 2 months after seeing him the first time, he appeared again!<br /><br />

This time I was running late and when I got to Jessica's class she was gone, when I popped my head in everyone was gone, except for the blonde hair, green eyed, buff armed guy I wanted for my very own. <br /><br />

I said hello and he locked his piercing eyes upon me. The connection was amazing! The interjection of feelings that immersed from within made me almost weak in the knees. <br /><br />

I was nervous, as this guy was so stunning; the perfect physique, ravishing locks of blonde hair and incredible eyes!<br /><br />

The imperative look of his body and the allure of his spirit drew me in. There was nothing stopping me from learning more!<br /><br />

As I entered the classroom he got up, never once looking away from me. He was coming closer and I began to tense up. He came over and put his hands on my shoulders, and then licked me face. I was floored and began to get excited... my first experience with a man, and he was this sexy.<br /><br />

The journey continued as he went over to my ear and whispered 'I am yours, do with me what you want.' <br /><br />

I locked the door to the classroom and began undressing him, and then myself. The passion between us was amazing. I will never forget my experience with him as he was assertive to my needs, made me feel super sexy and erraticized my body with amazing sensations. The energy halted when there was a knock on the door... the janitor was trying to come in and I barley had my pants back on when the door opened. I pretended like I fell asleep and someone must have closed the door when they left. I am not sure how convincing my story was as I was flushed and my hair was a mess, but my boy was gone.<br /><br />

As I scurried from the school, I reached into my pocket for my keys and pulled out this piece. It holds the spirit of my man, he is actually a German Vampire. He came forth to me because of my interest and desires and he wanted to take my virginity. <br /><br />

He is mischievous, and a rebel. He is the noted "bad boy" that you would find in school --- he wants to ride your ass and make you call him 'daddy.' His name is Dietrich and he is super powerful. <br /><br />

I have been in a relationship for almost the past 6 years and my partner is a bit jealous of my encounters with Dietrich, so I knew I had to let him go.<br /><br />

Not only will you embark on the most amazing sexual encounters, whether you are a man, or a Dietrich likes any human, you will also be invoked with his vampiric powers.<br /><br />

I gained mind manipulation abilities, extreme speed (which has helped me get things done faster...I am now the ultimate multi-tasker, and get my duties done efficiently and quickly), and I also have gained mind controlling strengths which have helped me do many wonderful things by getting people to see things my way!<br /><br />

You will love this piece, and especially be thrilled by the evasive poundings that Dietrich will grant to you! His eyes alone will turn you on... and you will be excited and enjoy yourself with the best pleasure you could imagine.<br /><br />

He is a bad boy, but oh let me tell you he is SO good!<br /><br />

Hot German Sausage... I mean Sex Vampire
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