Hounds of Neophyte RR

This is a sterling silver ring, around a size 6 with three real stones. Two blue and one clear that I believe are lapis, turquoise and clear quartz. This is called the Hounds of Neophyte but it holds much more than just hounds, in its pure essence it is a witch's ring.

The ring belonged to a Dual Witch named Hilly and she is still with the ring. Hilly has a funny persona, and by that I mean she did not share a whole lot with me. I would describe her as - tight lipped but friendly, and has been one of the few spirits that has come right and said "NO" to some of my questions. Most of the time a spirit will find excuses not to tell you things and they can tell if the knowledge is linked to your bloodline or if they deem you worthy of knowing. Knight Templar and Masonic spirits are classic examples of keeping secrets and telling lies to those who do not need to know. Hilly is a real witch and she knows that I am not, nor do I wish to become one, so that's where she stands with me. This is however a great sign for someone who IS a dedicant and is ready to pass in to the role of neophyte or willing to start at ground zero and learn Hilly's way up. If you are, you will see the value of this item for your work. I have only called up on Hilly around 6 times in the year I have had this. That was enough for me to understand what she was about and who she wanted to work with. No amount of sweet talk from me would budge her, and I have to admit, I like her stubbornness. Its a good sign.

The hounds are another level of this ring and one that I was most interested in. There are 2 Hell hounds and one Heaven hound. All three are powerful and can reside in the same ring. They are bound by occult piercings and it is why they can stay there and they work in unison. There are many meanings and keys to the ring and everything in its design was done for exactly that. The hounds sit in what is known as the outer court of the coven. They are your protectors and as you can see on the ring they sit in balance. What is above, is as below.

Their names are Gabalter, Shechem and the heaven hound is Sousands.

I have to admit that I really like this ring, and the geometry of the symbols on it is very clever and deep. One thing I will tell you is if you can picture yourself at the center of the ring and lift up the scroll work and picture it up above you, you will start to see some amazing forms. The more you rotate it the more you will see. I wont go on more about it because anyone who knows me knows that once started I am capable of going on and on talking about something, and I really want to keep my descriptions more to the point. But the sacred geometry surrounding it is quite amazing and has unlocked many ideas for me to use and work with. For me this was a super bonus, but for the person who can use it in its full potential it will help secure your spot at the inner circle. There is alot you can learn with this piece and it has much to offer.

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

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Hounds of Neophyte RR
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