Some times in life it can seem like we are lost without a cause.  Trust me I've been there.  This is when times are toughest and it seems like you won't pull through.  You may feel like there is no hope and you have nobody to listen to and that you need a shoulder to lean on but nobody is there for you.  You probably feel like you don't know which direction to turn and you don't know what decisions are the best for you make in your life and for your circumstance.  That's where this piece comes into play.  

Each and every person has a guardian angel.  We are born this way on purpose.  God knows that being human can sometimes be a challenging thing.  The whole point of being human is to make mistakes so that way we appreciate God and Heave more once we get there!  With that being said, God has given each of us the opportunity to access what is called our Guardian Angel.  Your Guardian Angel is a supreme white light being that will guide you with the white light of God.  He/She will lead you in the right direction and steer you down the right paths of life.  They will give you spiritual rejuvenation and motivation that you need to get by and make your life a productive and prosperous as possible.  I'm not saying they are out to make you rich, but they want to help you succeed and to do well in you life by pointing you in the right direction and guarding your life against darkness and evil.  

This piece gives you a psychic, white light connection to the angel go has created and put aside specifically for you!  You will be able to have all access to this angel once this psychic ability has been develop.  Considered your white light third eye opener if you'd life, but this piece will develop a very strong psychic ability between yourself and your angel, in that you will be able to see and converse with the angel because it will show itself to you.  This piece will also allow the angel to transfer its white light abilities to you so that way you use its white light magic in your own life. 

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