I Don't Want No One Minute Man

This piece is pure metaphysical sex rehab.  Forget about Dr. Dru.  This isn't sex rehab for those who have a sex problem, because as far as I'm concerned sex is never a problem!!  Forget about your Cosmopolitan Magazine for Men sex tricks.  This piece is better than any sex trick you've ever performed. 

This one is for the guys... or the ladies that want to give it to their guy.  It is pure sex essence from the presence of an ancient Satyr.  The piece was found, preserved with the body of a satyr in the salt mines of Iran.  Customs was a pain, but, alas,the piece is here.  We've tested it and are pleased to say that this piece is one burst of pure sexual energies. 

If you didn't already know, the Satyrs are a type of nymph-- half man, half goat.  They are renowned for their  desire for pure sexual encounters and even more famous for their ability to satisfy their partners!!

This piece holds the spirit of a Satyr and will bring the spirit out to merge with whichever man is the owner of this item!!  It will give the man a total sexual transformation.  He will be given a physical tranformation that will allow the penis to grow longer and thicker, so that way when the action starts getting heavy, he will be able to fill his partner's space to the max!!  He will last longer, penetrate deeper, and hit all the right spots better.  It will get hot and heavy, so his partner better get ready for a wild ride-- probably literally as well as metaphorically!  There's no telling the new heights this incredible new sex will take you to!!  Enjoy!!

I Don't Want No One Minute Man
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