Jeanne Dixon was one of the foremost public psychics and famed astrologers of her time. She owned several powerful occult items, many of which were auctioned off after her death in 1997. This piece was created by a gypsy who was an incredible conjurer and devotee of Jeanne Dixon, and was given to her by the gypsy in the 1970's.

Although we couldnt get a clear picture on this piece because of the energies, when you look at it you will see a goddess, and from her mouth flows the wishes of the djinn. The gypsy woman created this so that, while you do not become a djinn yourself, you will be enbodied with the same powers. Your wildest dreams can come true! Just remember that even the Djinn answer to Allah eventually, so have care in what you use it for!

Speak your wishes, and watch them come true for you, as you will gain the powers of the smokeless fire.
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