- I am I - RR

This next set is a real bone box with a real tooth it in.

It came from the Secret Brotherhood of the Human Double and radiates with their power and their purpose.

The box is old and it can be used for charging up anything that will fit inside of it, it also serves as a protective field for the tooth when its not being used.

The tooth allows you to change time and control your circumstances through creating another astral you. This will cut the cord of astral connection, and it does NOT cause death. This is what we have been led to believe but it is not true and in fact it prevents us from ever progressing.

You may also use it for free flowing astral travel. This is where you will meet up with yourself and YOU decide what you want if you ask for it. After all who is really better at bringing to you what you really want?

This is much better then a djinn.

You control You - I meet I

Thanks for looking

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Nothing I am selling is for entertainment purposes!!!!!
- I am I - RR
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