I now pronounce you the Doctor's Wife/F*

South on Indianapolis, in a small town on State Highway 67, there was a doctor who had an office in Sandborn. Old Doctor Johnson never failed to make it to the office; as the saying goes, come hell or high water, he was always there!

One day he didn't show up at the office, the patients that had appointments questioned him not being there, but thought maybe he had an emergency. After the second day, with no signs of Doc Johnson, some folks from town went to check on him, and they found a scene straight out of a gore movie!

Doctor Johnson and his wife were in pieces strewn all over the yard, hanging in the tress, etc. Some of the people said there was no way it was done by humans. They came to the conclusion that the doc and his wife were torn apart by banshees.

Mrs. Johnson's left hand was found in the neighboring farmers’ field. Her wedding ring was still on her finger. The farmer took the ring off her hand and gave it to his wife.

The ring boasts an incredible faceted purple stone, we believe is an amethyst; set in a filigree style, Victorian setting. The ring is beautiful and untraditional, just like Mrs. Johnson.

A friend of Deedee's had tickets to the Indianapolis 500 this year, so we thought we could share the hotel cost with him and his wife and go investigate the land of the tragedy. We stayed for a long weekend and we found out the truth about what happened to the wealthy couple.

The farmer next door had an intern, years ago, when this took place, which had an interest in Mrs. Johnson. He used to come around and try to entice her to have sex with him. Mrs. Johnson told her husband about the passes the this man had been making towards her and so Doctor Johnson drove his car up the road one day to act like he was going to work and then walked back to his house to see if the intern would come over.

Sure enough within the hour the man showed up on the porch bearing flowers that he picked. Doctor Johnson opened the door and confronted the man, this led to a huge argument and the crazy man fled. Mrs. Johnson was very upset by the encounter that Doc decided to stay home the rest of the day with her.

The crazy intern returned with a knife and a chainsaw; he knocked again and when Doc Johnson answered he plumaged the knife into his chest. He then removed it, pushed him over and went after his wife. He raped the poor woman and then slit her throat. To make it seem like a banshee attacked them he used his chainsaw to ravish their bodies into pieces and then threw their remains all over their yard.

The ritual we used to contact the spirits brought us to the farmers’ house. Doctor Johnson’s spirit helped lead us to Mrs. Johnson's spirit, which is held within her ring. The farmer’s wife still wore at the age of 83. We explained to her that the ring was Mrs. Johnson's and her husband, the farmer, confessed to having found it years prior. We said we were friends of the Johnson's and she gave us the ring. She was disgusted with her husband!

We inquired to the farmer about the intern he had years ago and he said that he committed suicide over 20 years ago. So we were unable to bring justice for the crime, but by obtaining the ring we found a multitude of wealth!

The spirit of Mrs. Johnson is within this ring, she loved it almost as much as she loved her husband. The couple was very wealthy and had no children to leave their inheritance to. They didn't trust the banks, so they kept minimal amounts in their accounts. They had a secret safe deposit box as well as other hidden spots where they kept their money. Doctor and Mrs. Johnson were young and didn't have a will made up; so she inhibits this ring to try and find the right person to be the heir to their small fortune.

She will not guide just anyone, but you may be the person she has been looking for to grant her wealth to. You have to be pure of heart, not greedy and work hard even if granted a life of luxury! Are you the one she has been searching for? There is only one way to find out ~ you have to get this piece!
I now pronounce you the Doctor's Wife/F*
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