IGNITED SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE This piece will help to improve your brain health and performance. This will interchange energy within the lobes of your brain to compartmentalize assets of memory, speed, attention, problem solving, and flexibility. The vibration of power will eradicate the changes that will enhance your attention and memory. You will see a measurable difference in improvements in your core cognitive functions. The effectiveness of this piece will bring dramatic alerts to assist in making new skills more easy to learn and adhere! Your mind will br brightened and that cloud of fog will be lifted. Many people say as they age they feel things just slip out of their mind so simply. You were about to say something to someone and then there is an interjection and that fast you lost what you were going to say! This has happened to me many times in the past --- and times I was so upset, and angry, because what I wanted to express seemed so important and before I could state it I was interrupted and then it was gone from my mind! It is frustrating to feel ideas and thoughts leave you. So many opportunities are missed because you cannot get what you are thinking out, or you do not get it jotted down and then you "forget". Now with this enhanced piece you can implore a more secure state of mind with the hook of power that will grant you the improved alertness, improved concentration of energy, and empowered cognitive functions~!! Along with this it will blend all psychic power so that everything flows perfectly. This piece is actually incense too and will be shown on Monday. You will get three for 10.00
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