The Illuminati has their hands all over this one.  Well, of course, we all know that the Rockefellers are one the biggest contributors to the finances of the modern-era Illuminati cult that seeks to rule the world.  This item has been obtained from the Parliament of World Religions, which has sought to unionize all of the world's religion into one central function.  It is a manifestation of their true purpose of existence and proof of their latent involvement with the Illuminati, and the fact that John D Rockeller's money had been fueling one of the most bizarre yet fully believable operations in American-- and World-- history. 

Anytime that there is a global satanic event, such as the merging of all religions into one AKA Parliament of World Religions AKA Global Interfaith Movement, the Illuminati are standing by.  They are lurking in the background.  They are being funded using the Illuminati money that is given to them through various venues that seem normal enough.  This is because the Illuminati plays a hand in everything that the average person does.  Their ultimate goal inm complete and absolute control of the mind body and spirit.  This is why they summit all of the world religions-- because they know that once they control a person's religious beliefs, they pretty much control the group.  People will do all kinds  of crazy stuff in the name of religion as long as they have a religious leader or leaders condoning these behaviors.  Now, imagine what they could get all of the world religions on one page and appoint a one world leader?  Well, this is what they aspire to do by creating the Parliament of World Religions. 

This is all a process that has been carefully and meticulously planned out.  The plan is that these gurus are working with Illuminati officials to prefect the development of their occult science magick.  The objective is to literally hypnotize people into subconscious thought where the Illuminati enlightenment can be transferred through radio brainwaves into the human mind.  You see, the real goal is to use this energy to hasten the day when the whole world will be illuminated with the magic of the Illuminati and the New World Religion Can be Inaugurated.  The Illuminati of today will be able to rule over the newly developed race with their superior powers and enlightenment.  Thus, they will control a super hub of enlightenment that already exists as the center of Illuminati Conspiracy, in the Rockefeller Chapel in Chicago, where the last Parliament of World Religions Convene. 

This item is one of the Parliament's pieces-- thus holding all the super powers of the secret Illuminati.  Not only does it hold their mass mind control effects that they are pressing on others, it holds their ancient secrets of blood alchemy, which is the power they will be using to convert everyone into their "enlightened" state.  This piece will allow you to become fully enlightened in your abilities and use the energies of the Illuminati to fully enlighten yourself.  Once you have become what is called a "light vessel", one who has been fully enlightened, you will then be able to create your own powers and abilities, such as the Illuminati do.  There are no holds on this magic, as it is fully dual and you can use it for whatever you want to use it for-- that is, to create any type of magic, power, energy, or alchemy that you want or need.  This piece is extremely powerful, as it will also give you a shield over the mind manipulation of the Illuminati and the world takeover they are planning.  Do not be caught dumbfounded when you could be completed spiritually made over.  Why remain in the dark when you can become illuminated with one of the greatest powers of the most covert secrets to have existed on Earth. 

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