A spirit who served some of the highest and most elite influentials of our world is now ready, and willing, to serve a new human master!

The spirit, known as Emenon, is from a group of elite Freemason Illuminati members~! He worked directly with the groups private conjurer, and was of servitude to this group for about 50 years, serving a total of 16 official Illuminati Freemason members, and their families!

He is a wonderful companion and is ready for his next master!

Quarrin, a friend of Merlin, is an incredible expert at conjuring some of the most potent and influential genies that are gracing our realm with their presence. For years he has worked to perfect his communication, channeling, meditating and conjuring to the point where he is able to summon some of the most high and persuade them to take on new masters! He has successfully summoned many genies that belonged to Illuminati Families, Freemasons, Elite Secret Society genies, and those of International leaders and royalty!

We are so proud to be able to offer them to our wonderful clients~!

There are many out there who can successfully summon, conjure and bind Djinn... however, there are only a few that can summon the highest caliber and most historical of Djinn. Quarrin is one of these few elite and we are honored to have him working with us~!

Quarrin would like us to always provide his testament that they are real, they exist in a dimension higher than ours, the fifth and higher to be exact, and that they can and do come here to help us, some bind willingly to objects that allow them to stay and be a spiritual aid to a master or human companion, and others do in fact come in and out of our dimension to cause hindrances to the human race.

He also has assured us that he does not bind any hindrance or negative Djinn to items he sends to us to rehome to our clients, and that he knows these types of Djinn exist and so he must always be careful, much in the same way that we are careful about who our friends and confidants are here in the human realm. We have the same issues they have. Some people are of the light and some are of the dark. We have to decipher that much in the same way as they do. However, he has told us, never have fear, as he will not send us any of the dark.

** We have a limited number of these incredibly strong and coherently powerful items ---they each have a portal pulling to Emenon -- and he will work with the five people who have these portal pieces! You can all meet up on the astral plane to showcase your knowledge and infuse his enrichments. Testers were floored by their experience with these items! Bring this mastery spirit forward and you will not regret it~!!

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