Tibetan Healing Stones<br /><br />


Nobody knows the land better than monks, who work off of it every day.  They spend tiring hours working their land and learning from the land, in a simplistic life in hopes of rewards in the afterlife.  Whether or not they will depends on what you believe happens to your soul after you die.  <br /><br />


However, there is one thing that cannot be argued.  Monks have a close relationship with their god, which always allows for a greater spirituality.  Spirituality allows for sacred knowledge and sacred knowledge is vital to developing magical abilities.  <br /><br />


We have several pieces on the website that deal with the powers of the Tibetan monks; however, this pieces has left quite the impact on me, personally.  When I first began working for Deedee I was down on my luck and in a bad state of mental and spiritual disrepair.  This piece has helped me, and I want to spread the love!!  <br /><br />


These stones and their energetic properties have been strategically crafted by one of the monks that serves the most ancient monastery in Tibet, Samye Gompa.  He has lived at the Monastery for 79 years and there isn't much he doesn't know about spirituality and self-identity.  <br /><br />


He has made this piece.  The magical and energetic properties of the stones work together to promote spiritual cleansing.  It will fully cleanse your aura to its original ultra-violet color.  Your mind will be opened and you will given psychic and telekinetic abilities that will be maximized by the energetic charge in this token of power. <br /><br />


You will also be given a psychological and mental stabilization that will rejuvenate your mind, bringing you unconventional wisdom and intelligence.  <br /><br /> 



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