A True Happy Ever After This is an implosion of magnetism; it pulls the energies of your spirit to endure the allure of the partner of your dreams. You will be able to pull them forward into your life and find contentment and fulfillment in your heart. This piece helps you to understand the long-elusive meaning of life and learn how to truly be happy! No more time wasting months, or even years, on people who will turn out to break your heart and not live up to your expectations. Now you can channel your true hearts desire and make the most out of your list of the "perfect" mate... as the components of power in this piece will invoke this list into reality. Some testers realized after meeting someone who held all that they wished for, that what they thought they wanted changed; so this is also a great eye opening piece. Do you really know what you want?! THIS IS ALSO A CAST UPON INCENSE AND THEY ARE 3 FOR 10.00
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