Immortal Souls from Star Seeds

This piece doesn't hold any particular entity.  It holds a star seed.  It is said that star seeds give birth to immortal souls, and this one is no exception.  Creatures born of the Star Seed attempt to live in ordinary ways, but simply because they have powers and abilities attempting to shine through, they can not. 

People that are born of a star seed have powerful bloodlines and soul lines and possess the presence of very powerful magic and alchemy.  They include such powerful beings as healers, shamans, vampires, magical creators, shape-shifters. sorcerers, fae folk, alchemists, fallen angels, and others. 

This item will activate the vibrational synergy that exists deep within your soul that will activate your zodiacl star seed and help you manifest into the immortal being that you are destined to be. It is hard to say what you will become when you use this piece.  The fact of the matter is that everyone is born with a star seed,they just don't know how to realize their potentials and powers. 

This item unveils and activates the vibration synergy of the star see in your blood line and soul line.  It will give you the ability to manifest your true star-seed being, whether that is a vampire, faery, lycan, wizard, whatever. Then, you will be able to search within yourself to bring forth your powers, abilities, and magical heritage! 

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