This is a Haunted Curiosities exclusive.  It is an original piece that we found on an investigation in Chester County, in Pennsylvania.  It comes from an establishment known as the Amity Hall Hotel.  The Amity Hall Hotel was once a stopping place for travelers to lodge for the night.  It has also been used a home and a bar.  It has been standing since the 1800s.  It is currently standing, but there are signs that specifically state, "No Trespassing."  I hope you don't think that would ever stop us, and this piece if proof that we have been to the Amity Hall Hotel.  Not only were we there, but we've captured one of the blood imps that inhabits the grounds of the closed down structure.  <br /><br />

The walls of Amity Hall hold many disastrous happenings.  For one, two small children were murdered in the attic of the Hall.  The stains never relinquish their holds on the annals of the building.  Next, there was a woman who was beaten to death by her husband, which is a story that can actually be confirmed via public records.  Lastly is a story that is also true.  Amity Hall, like I've said was used for travelers along the canal route in Pennsylvania.  Predating the Civil War, there was a mysterious explosion at the Hall, which killed all involved except for one.  We won't even have to mention all of the spiritual energy left behind from the Civil War.  <br /><br />

However, all these things are not the most important.  Although, when using our meters, we were actually able to located the children.  Dee Dee used her psychic ability to help the cross over from their current prison.  While we were helping the children, they told us about the bad ones who keep them here.  We told the children to cross over quickly.  After this we continue our search, even though we were warned.  Well, we had come this far and there was no turning back.  <br /><br />

The inside of the Hall was rickety and had been abandoned for some time.  Even though the signs read no trespassing, there was graphite and markings and carvings all over the wall.  In the one room, Dee Dee nearly fainted because of how heavy the energy was.  There was a dark oracle on the floor of the room, and she was able to see its history.  She informed us that there were two possibilities.  Either the owners were into satanic magic or somebody trespassing, as we did, were practicing their magic here.  She got nauseous and we were about to leave when we heard screeching from the corner.  <br /><br />

Before we knew it we were too late and we were under attack from a swarm of midget sized demons.  Well, the weren't so much demons as they were imps.  An imp is a demon from Hell manifested on Earth as a soul vampire.  At least these ones were.  This means they feed on the energy of souls, which is why they were not relinquishing their hold on the spirits of this house.  Now they wanted ours.  Little did they know who they were after.  We had come prepared with spiritual protection pieces.  <br /><br />

We immediately began a white light ceremony with the piece we had brought.  The imps were disbanded and souls set free.  However, during the process, we were able to cast one imp into this piece.  Now, we are offering him to you.  This piece will allow the imp to bond with your soul, but you will always maintain control.  You will gain his dark magic power, without the ability of him ever controlling.  You call the shots.  You will be able to be transformed into a prince of the underworld.  Given the special abilities of this particularly sanctioned imp, you will be a collector of souls, which means you will be able to collect those souls around you to obtain their powers and abilities.  This piece will help you grow strong and practiced.  <br /><br />

This piece is powerful, as we have all tested it and our results were pretty much the same.  We are passing this piece on, because we don't really use black magic and we have no nead for it.  This piece is perfect for the black arts specialist who is just starting out or somebody who wants to dabble.  Don't wait too long, though, because I'm sure this piece will sell like a hot cake!!  <br /><br />

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