ARE YOU PURCHASING A PLOT IN HEAVEN, OR HELL? Many people fear the inevitable, death. Why fear something that you cannot control -- we all have our time, and when it comes there is nothing more that we can do! The fear is not of dying, but of knowing what lies ahead~? Where will you go? Will you be greeted with glory at the gates of Heaven, or be relinquished into the fiery pits of Hell? Enlightened by an Imperial Monk, this piece holds eschatology infringements that showcase the "last things" -- highlighting death with heaven, hell and purgatory. You can oblige the future with dream passages that will render upon you, showcasing your final judgement. Like looking into the future, you will be able to see through senses where you stand and gain a vision into the afterlife. Get rid of your worries and fears, and highlight the fury of hell and the blessings of heaven, by seeing what both have to offer you~ ** This reacts through your solemn aberrations and will open up your spirit to allow the dream travels of your soul~!! This ring is about a size 8. It is all Sterling Silver and the stone are either glass or CZ. However, the power in this ring is where the real worth is found!!
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