While in Florida I did a lot of investigations. Many of which I have video on. You can look for them at some time after January. On this particular one while checking out the woman that was totally cured of cancer I came across this man that told me of all the people that vanished.<br /><br />


In 1989 189 people vanished all across the state of Florida. None have ever been found. No bodies,no trace. You can look this up and do your own research on it because I know it is hard to believe. This same man told me of a little known company that didn't use a sku number and was targeting children for the demonic. Why I asked him but he didn't know. All he knew was that they made tarot cards that infused with powerful negative energy and murderous rage. These cards were being sold in toy stores and they held a hypnotic quality. We were able to track them down and YES that power was like a pull and yet I as a psychic knew they were evil. There are items you can get that just have a strong feel,usually they are old but this was not the case with these.<br /><br />

Now the story I'm about to tell you may sound insane but then again so do many of the things I write about.  I won't lie about where these came from,they came from the dollar store and yet they are good quality and even the images are good. While I held them I was instructed to head back to Cassadega where in the one hallway there is an open vortex. Now at this point I had already been there,danced with the devil in the grave yard and was moving on. But no,I had to go back. A woman dressed in all black with her face covered stood in front of me and said they had been waiting for the right moment to connect with me. Now as you know the man has just tolkd me that these cards were evil and yet here is a woman all in black ( what we think is a dark color of the darkness) telling me to head back to Cassadega and enter the vortex. And so I went.<br /><br />

I went back and was about to video but was told I couldn't. I still have some images anyway. I sat and the woman went with me and then faded. One by one all these spirits came out and told the story of how this air bubble opened around then and took them off to some other place. They never saw home again. They explained that they lived around various creatures and were being studied all the time yet had a happy life. They asked me to get ahold of the families they left behind and instructed that I get a pen and paper and I did. I'm still in that process but it is hard as people think your a nut job when you try and tell them somthing like this. So I keep trying and when I get a hold of someone they either hang up or believe me but the it is tough going. Most just hang up.<br /><br />

The woman waited for me to buy these cards so I could take them into the vortex at Cassadega. When I did all the spirits told me of the place of hell they were taken to until they were rescued by what they could only call angels. Until that happened to them they were forced to work for the darkness,bound in fact with no control. Now I know it's hard to say but you can't save them all and that is because I could only get so many decks.<br /><br />

They are not in all dollar stores just the one I went to,no others had them. I checked many states even. These cards come with a missing person who has been instructed by the angelic school. All evil is gone and in it's place comes the most powerful light workers you have ever met, Like the darkness that was hell comes the power of heaven in these cards. When they are gone they are gone. You will get the name of your spirit with the deck. You need to address then before laying them out and tell them what you want and need. They will talk to you through the cards and FIX what is wrong. They are extremely powerful at this. You all need these and they need you too! You do not need to know how to read cards to use these as they come with instructions and the prediction is on the card as well.



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