While I appreciate the emails from all of you that copied the " I seduced someone post" and the hauntedcuriosities thread on THAT other forum,it's really not needed. I don't play with the others and don't need to.

I will not be posting anything on the forum or indulging jealousy. I work,I have fun and I leave all the seller fighting alone. If you doubt that then you can check the forum,you just won't find it. I still refuse to have a seller review even though today three of you have now asked me to,it's just none productive. The main reason is for the post that was just shared with me. I never heard from this person and everyone has my phone number. If in fact you don't then here is is again. 267-825-0571 and YES,you can even meet me as I have have nothing to hide.

So in honor of a liar here is one hell of a charging box. It is not only beautiful but tells a story of life,death and beauty. And remember,if the items your placing in it are not from me,well........ You get the picture I'm sure.

This box does charging 300 times the normal. Watch out for my upcoming Ebay auctions and the new website. We do ship to all countries even if not on the shopping cart list. Just send me your address.

Image on tonight or tomorrow.
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