These are a collection of items that we got from an Indian cleric who we keep contact with.  He had a small collection of these items and share a few of them with us, as we often share things back and forth.  His name is Raja and I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of anybody by this name if you are familiar with the magical underground.  This is because he usually goes by a pen name because he doesn't really like publicity. He is a very shy fellow. 

Either ways, these pieces summon the presence of a hindu demigod known as Shesha.  He is the king of all the naga spirits and one of the primal beings of creation.  According to the ancient writing, the Bhagavata Purana, he is one of the avatars of the supreme God whose name is Sankarshan.  That being said, what does one of these pieces do for you?

Shesha holds all of the planets in his hood.  He is the being that walks around singing the glories of Vishnu from all of his mouths.  He has formed himself into his own avatar appear in the mortal realm twice, first taking the form of Lakshmana, brother of Lord Rama.  Later he took the form of Balarama, brother of Lord Kishna.  The magic that is in this piece comes from a sacred item that he left in a monastery to herald the piety and the purity of the monks that lived within.  Although the monastery has since been deserted, the relic remained.  It is the relic that the person who gave us these items went in search of and, fortunately, found. 

These pieces will give you a psychic transformation that is a direct telepathic connection to the god that calls itself Shesha.  With this piece you will be able to know all ancient, Hindu magic.  There tons of abilities and powers that come along with that magic and to name them all would take too long.  Just know that the fact that he holds all the planets in his hood is a metaphor for he has seen all of existence, including the existence that doesn't necessarily exist on our Earth.  He knows all things and is all inclusive of all magic being that is the avatar of an even higher, Supreme God.  With this piece, he will deliver all of his divine knowledge too you, because what you are receiving is a telepathic connection right into Shesha's mind-- the mind of a god!

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