“In falling I expected to be sent into the darkness of the world but it wasn't that way. I thought my mind would be overcome with the filth yet it wasn't. I knew there was still good but felt I would hurt. At that time and for a long time after that I was happy, more so then I could have been in the Heavens that were created for me and my kind. I loved being in my heaven with God who is like me but I also wanted to experience the woman that captured my interest. At the time of my coming I did not love her, but in a physical form began to know her and then ultimately love her. I feel I was her supernatural soul mate. I can't speak her name as the pain is now all to human for me to bear. Even now as I speak to you, I feel her and yet I can not be with her. How can I mend my broken heart?”

This item is an antique that has had the clasp replaced on it. This holds real pieces of one particular angel's wings. Like in the bible where you are told to be nice to strangers because they could be angels in disguise that is what happened here. Angels are sent down to earth all the time because sometimes it is easier to help when they are in a physical human-like form. This angel is just like the movie City of Angels.

The angel's name is Anapiel and he was named by God. His name is also his ability which he was named after, this means branch of God. This angel was given the same powers as God but also of his not yet born or created son and that is important to know.

Like Jesus, Anapiel came to earth but not to sacrifice his self, because that was not his job. Anapiel came to earth because of one special woman that he followed in the 20s. He was fascinated by her and wanted to come to earth and did get permission to do so. When he fell, it was not in the dark sense but in that of light. However, in doing so, he had to lose the invisible wings as not all angels show them. His were a gorgeous deep ocean blue and they are what he made into a necklace for her. The wings are three for the trinity and all the power that comes with that.

Anapiel is Godly and lonely yet can not go back until the final hour. This is something he will be with you for. He is looking for human warmth, compassion, understanding and love and will give it in return. He has been alone for too long.

His power is great because he is selfless and God-like. He will share it with you. SHARING THIS POWER AS IT IS FILLED WITH REAL LOVE AND REAL PURE LIGHT IS LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED AS IT CAN NOT BECOME CORRUPTED. What is unique about this item is the world is viewed as it was supposed to be and the power we were all born with is given to you. The power of the trinity also comes along with that.

Anapiel will continue to speak to me even though you have this item. This will be only if you have a problem hearing him. This is one of a kind that should not be missed, don't let it get away.

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