Original Form Incubus

Too often people die with unfinished business. Some say that this is what creates wandering spirits. Spirits die with unfinished business and attempt to reconnect with those who are involved in the Earthen realm. Most of the time, such attempts are unsuccessful because of human perception levels. However, you might look at me cross eyed if I told you the spirit of revenge can encompass your entire body, if you are wrongfully murdered and transform you into something else entirely. Read on.

Karl was a very successful entrepreneur of the early 1900s. During the height of the Industrial revolution he enjoyed as many amenities as the next man due to his extreme intelligence when it came to money business and finance. He was living the good life, with pretty much all of his goals accomplished. It all took a turn for the worse, when a group of his colleagues turned green with envy. They murdered him in cold blood.

Karl was supposed to die that night, his destiny called for it. However, it is important that we never underestimate the power of the Spirit of Vengeance. It is a strong willed energy that provides the human mind with an enigma that makes them determined to cheat death. If the energy if high enough, cheating death is exactly what the person will accomplish... kind of.

The night that Karl was supposed to die, this very energy encompassed his body shielding him from coming of death. The battle raged on and on. Eventually, when Karl woke up, he was a full form incubus. You see, the battle had to end with the circumstances meeting somewhere in the middle. While he was dead, Karl certainly wasn't alive. He was rendered the Undead, taking a new form of an immortal vampiric being.

This is what I am offering you. I am offering you the very essence of an Incubus that is Karl. This piece invokes his spirit and will bring him to you and he will be in your servitude. He will be your faithful companion as long as you host the piece I am offering you. With his powers you will turned into a full fledged Incubus Vampire.

Karl will bring you success and good fortune in all of your financial endeavors. Business ventures will be fulfilled. You will know an abounding wealth and good fortune. You will be successful in all things that you do.

You will gain his powers of dual alchemy. These powers will help you perform magic in the most potent, raw forms. It is the powers from the Underworld with a negation spell as well as white magic in its most potential form. You will gain the ability to communicate with a multitude of heavenly hosts including the saints, angels, and holy virgins. .

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