This piece is in sterling silver and is a size 9. You may wear it on your finger or on a chain. This is an Indalo piece or rather a piece that holds that power. Given to us by a Shaman of the white light order of the clear fire this piece is amazing!! What this does is create a bridge between you and the Heavens. Idalo was the spirit that went between man and God and would often allow a glimpse into Heaven. How he did this was to create a rainbow that opened up the mind and allows the spirit to escape for just a little while. While your there you may hold conversation with GOD himself. However you may never look upon his face. The ring itself is set up so that you may bring home the fire of God to help you in your remaining days. This Fire is so important and the power that it gives believe it or not is something you already have in you. Remember who's image you are made in? So if this is the case so is that very potent power! You must have a stone to hold this power and that is what this ring will allow you to bring back. We have another of these going on the website and I'm almost 100 percent it is sterling but I could find no marking. The ring is old and beautiful. I know that was at one time given to Mother Teresa.
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