When talking about life on other planets, some say we need to look no further than our own solar system. Many people believe that Mars may be home to alien life, and that NASA is doing their best to cover it all up. Many photos have been called into question concerning possible civilizations on Mars, such as pyramid like structures and a photo of what appears to be an ape like figure sitting on a rock on Mar's surface. While scientists do their absolute best to falsify these photos, they've also admitted that they believe oceans of water once covered the surface of the planet before its magnetic fields disappeared. Current exploration of the planet hopes to uncover possible signs of life, but with this piece, all of your questions will be answered! 

This piece allows direct contact with what we know to be extra terrestrial life on Mars! It was mailed to us from an unknown location with a note that read, "Life exists on Mars, and heres all the proof you'll be needing." Also inclosed were directions on how to use the piece. To use the piece, one must stand outside at night, with a clear sky above. Also, getting as far away as possible from any and all electronics and wireless signals helps the communications go over smoothly. You can locate an appropriate location by using a cellular phone, and finding a place somewhere there is little to no signals. Once you've located a place you think will work, be sure to remove the battery from your phone to eliminate any further interference. Now that you've achieved proper means of contact, wear the piece and speak these numbers. "24, 43, 2, 76, 99, 13, 6." We aren't exactly sure of the significance of these numbers, but the note said to follow the instructions exactly, and so we're relaying these instructions to you.

Now that you've spoken the number code and are in the right place for communication, all that is left to do is stand as still as possible, and close your eyes. At first, you may hear little to nothing within your mind, but after two minutes or so, you'll begin to hear a language that will make absolutely no sense to you. Don't worry, when the communication lines are established it will take a little more time to adjust your thoughts to understand their words. After ice minutes or so you'll be asked what you wish to know, and all you have to do at this point is ask! They'll answer any and all questions you may have about their secret civilization, their ways of life and so on! This line of communication to alien life is exclusively your own, and you can contact Mars whenever you wish. The secrets of space can now be yours!

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