Many of you have heard of the Masters of Creation,the many Gods that rule the many worlds in which we never get to see. Not only is this piece beautiful and pulsating with energy but you will never be the same again. I found this disk in my pocket after my trip to the Guide Stones. Have you tried everything to rid yourself of the evil that plagues your life,family or just your mind? Does it seem that darkness is always around you and it is because you are special and you know it. You know there is something for you to do in this world but it seems that something is always preventing you. This is because there are forces at work that do not reside here on this realm and so you can not combat them. They attack even your children. This item infuses you with a power you will never feel with out this. When you first place it on it will feel cold and then slowly heat up,once it is heated it sends out a signal to all the placed Gods that you now hold the same power they do and the protection. This is one of a kind and not only powerful but gorgeous. This is made of glass and holds the markings of all the powers that be.
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