Sometimes it's best just to get out and experience the Earth.  Here at Haunted Curiosities, this is one of our favorite stress relievers.  It is very peaceful and tranquil to feel the tires of a car glide over the Earth.  If you close your eyes and put your hand out the window, granted you're not driving, it can almost feel like your flying.  If you are driving then closing your eyes isn't recommended.  It could end tragically. 

This is how we came across the vampire bone chips.  Ahhh, that got your attention didn't it?  Yes, we came across the bone chips of a vampire.  We were out experience the Earth in New Jersey.  I'm not really sure where we were other than somewhere is Sussexx County, when we happened upon a graveyard called Tranquility Cemetery.  How appropriate, the name was, too, because this particular plot of land was very tranquil.

Note to readers:  we also enjoy exploring cemeteries!!  Naturally, we headed back.  To get to the graveyard proper, you have to travel back a gravel lane and actually "get into" the graveyard.  Some of the old tombstones were really neat looking and interesting, although we kept on picking up energy from a particular mausoleum of a woman who died in the 1930s.  It was already slightly open, looking like it had, at one point, been vandalized.  At first, we thought it might've been Satanists.  This thought especially crossed our minds when I spotted a piece of bone sticking out from a corner of the mausoleum. 

Naturally, I took the bone with me.  That night I did some research and the only thing that I was able to come up with that would even begin to be considered out of the ordinary is that a mausoleum had, in fact, been vandalized some time ago at Tranquility Cemetery.  In fact, three men had entered mausoleum, stole a woman's skull, and crack it open, wanting to know what dead people looked like.  The were arrested for burglary and desecration of a gravesite. 

Using this piece, I decided to hold a conjurance.   Come to find out that the three men who gave the dumb excuse that they just wanted to know what a dead person looked like, actually had much deeper intentions.  The three men that broke into the cemetery weren't your ordinary, every-day people.  In fact, they were people at all.  They are the remnants of a very old vampire clan that has flourished on the East Coast, mainly in New Jersey, Maryland, and parts of Pennsylvania for a very long time.  You can read about them in Native American accounts. 

The three broke into the graveyard in an attempt so "steal" a part of the body of their former vampire queen, so that way they could resurrect their race.  I can tell you this much:  they have been wildly successful. They may have been arrested, but not before securing a fragment of the skull needed in the alchemy ritual that resurrected their queen and their race. 

The bone chip that we found is the same things.  However, we have  had the bone ground up and used in the casting of this item, you don't have to carry around vampire bones.  People might begin getting a suspicion about you, which would compromise the secrecy of this item, as the brotherhood you are about to join is totally covert.  I say brotherhood as a generic term.  This piece is exceptional for both male and female vampire admirers. 

This piece conjures the spirit of a vampire queen, who will come to you and grant you her divination.  You will gain the ability to summon the coven of vampires to help you with your sanguine abilities, or I guess, lack there of.  They will help you attain a whole slew of vampire abilities including psychic powers, sanguine blood alchemy, mesmerizing, and dual magic!  This piece doesn't just bring you a member of the clan... it brings you their leader!!  Her powers and abilities are very strong, as she has enough energy to provide magic for a whole coven, which, to date is almost 45 strong!!  It's a very powerful coven to be part of.  With this piece you will, indeed, be considered part of the coven.   Do not miss your chance for initiation!! 




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