This is a home protection and blessing piece. This came from the cedar chest that Brooke discovered after her mother's death -- see listing 032312018, 'Signs and Wonders' for background information.<br /><br />

Brooke's mother, Margaret, would leave these in the homes of all who she helped heal. This would protect everyone in their home from future evil warranted conspiracies.<br /><br />

This is n adornment that should be hung up in your home and the energies will preclude the blessings upon you and all who live there!<br /><br />

This states:                                    House Blessing<br /><br />

'O God, upon this house we ask<br /><br />

A steafast faith that will not bend<br /><br />

A hope that's equal to the task.<br /><br />

A peace that's lasting to the end;<br /><br />

A joy that always will remain<br /><br />

As constant as the stars above,<br /><br />

A virtue that will ever claim<br /><br />

The crowning glory of they love.'<br /><br />


** You simply will want to state the script out loud, once in each room of your home, and then hang this up in an area where you will pass it each day. <br /><br />

This will bless you and your loved ones and keep you safe from harm and evil ~!<br /><br />

The piece radiates strong energy!<br /><br />

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