In 2008 NASA scientists have found minerals on Mars that "suggested" the planet was once wet enough to support an ecosystem and life. Probably not anything like ours, but the environment was suitable to sustain intelligent life forms. The reasoning behind this belief is the existence of carbonate, which is formed when water and carbon dioxide mix with calcium, iron, or magnesium. Since then, further claims of life on Mars have been made, but nothing earth-shattering has yet to become of any of the finds on Mars. Well, that is, nothing Earth shattering has been declared publicly. It has all been going on behind the scenes at Area 51, the governments super-secure, underground research facility in the deserts of Nevada. Scientists have covertly been working on pieces that are being called Intelligent Design Activators. They take the extraterrestrial energy that has been absorbed from a super-advanced, high speed probe that has been sent to Mars for exploration purposes. It has gathered foreign, alien minerals that have been used in the creation of this piece. Under control of a secret society of Illuminati controllers, the scientists have been able to use a form of alchemy to transform the minerals that were found in Mars into items. We were able to secure one of these items via a connection that we have that actually is a commanding officer at Area 51. This piece allows you to create. Create what? Create anything. Just as God has spoken the Earth and all His minions into existence, this piece will allow you to speak things into existence. Your Intelligent Design Activator will allow you to create spirit beings-- vampires, werewolves, angels, wizards etc. These beings will be your own creations from which you will be able to draw power and magic from. You will also be able to create alternate realms of existence, where you will be able to store up all of your magic that you have found in duplicate forms, along with any beings that you have created. This piece is the ultimate power piece, because through creating beings, it will allow you to create other powers and combinations of powers. The possibilities are limitless!! THIS PIECE IS AN ANTIQUE PIN WITH THREE ORBS THAT YOU CAN PHYSICALLY WATCH ENERGY CHARGE A TRANSFORM THROUGH. I'M PRETTY SURE THE METAL IS STERLING SILVER, BUT THERE ARE NO MARKINGS, SO CANNOT BE 100% POSITIVE ON THIS. EITHER WAY, THIS PIECE IS AMAZING!! ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: WE ARE OFF DOING TRANSFORMATIONS And services this week. We will be back on the 5th. Steve will be adding stuff on this week. Please be sure to read the shipping policy. AGAIN, WE HAVE NEW BUYERS AND WE TRAVEL OFTEN. PLEASE *CAREFULLY* READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY. IF YOU BUY ON A MONDAY THERE IS NO WAY, NEITHER IN HEAVEN, NOR HELL, YOU WILL GET YOUR ITEM BY WEDNESDAY. WE HAVE A 10-DAY SHIPPING POLICY!!!! MOST OFTEN THAN NOT YOU GET YOUR ITEM BEFORE THAT BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT. IF YOU IN ANOTHER COUNTRY IT CAN TAKE LONGER. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS. WE ALSO DO NOT SIT ON OUR COMPUTERS LIKE FREAKS AND HAVE TO TRAVEL,GO TO THE BATHROOM AND EVEN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. ALSO IF YOU PLACE AN ITEM IN THE SHIPPING CART AND DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. WE WILL NO LONGER GO BACK AND FORTH EMAILING PEOPLE TO PAY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.
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