** This is from a client of ours who found this item and through testing we learned that it is a sexual tantilizer --- bringing elevated energies of pleasure upon ones body!

Here is background on this piece ---> Our client was a mid 20's male who had broke up with his partner and then became very depressed after the break up. He trusted the person he was with very much, and could not believe the outcome of the relationship... he was cheated on because he would not put out!

After the break up he started to stay up quite late on days when he was off from work. He would sit and browse the internet as well as interact with other people on the net which helped ease his pain. He also visited porn sites, which he was interested and curious about as he never had a sexual relationship. The days were going fine until a few weeks ago. He only ever heard about demons or incubus/succubus attacks and was thinking that it was just some kind of psychological problem with people. However he felt that he began to be attacked by an incubus or ghost.

One night while he was sleeping Aaron awoke to the feel of someone touching his legs, when he got up to have a look no one was there. Later whilst he was working he felt a tingling sensation on his hairs and also on his shoulders. In the days that followed these touches continued, but moved to other parts of his body which was not scary as such. About 3 weeks back, Aaron started to feel touching sensations near his pubic sides and also on his penis.

One night he just closed his eyes and tried to concentrate to establish whether his mind was playing with him, or if this was a real phenomenon. The sensation was somewhat kind of feeble. Pulsating touches with some silk thread or like a very feeble electric current, which increased from the toes to head like passing electricity and he could feel that pulsation in my groin in a very intense manner and felt like someone was touching him!

Aaron quickly shook this feeling away and immediately laid on his side. Within seconds he felt the same pulsation on his back near his shoulders and also on his buttocks at the same time. He could feel that pulsation down on his anal opening as if some male was trying to have sex with him. He unlocked the door and went to his brother's room and slept in his room with the mattress on the floor.   Even as he layed on the mattress in his brother's room he was still feeling the sensations again and again.

He then realized that right after his break up he went shopping to ease his woes and bought this piece -- it was from a pawn shop and it finally triggered in his mind that this was the key to the strange happenings!

This piece is a sexual pendulum that will bring sensations of erupted sexual pleasure to you! Aaron was scared to allow the pleasure as he was a virgin and thought this would "de-flower" him... but when we got his email and got the piece to test it we were ecstatic!!

~This is one of the strongest sex pieces we have come across in years... you will love the feelings you are granted when you have this piece near you.... the sex spirit in this piece wants nothing more than to fully pleasure you. Make you feel good from head to toe. Pleasure you in the ways in which you desire!! Your sex dreams will become a reality, as the spirit will do ANYTHING to make you orgasm. No fear of getting down and dirty -- you can explode with intensity no matter what you like! If you like rim jobs, and no one wants to give you one -- don't worry ... because now you can have your hole licked whenever you like! Or are you a woman who is super horny when she has her period, well no more having to wait for pleasure as this spirit will rapture you ANYTIME!



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