The sexual vitality that you need will be unleashed from the fiery stones that are encompassed in this piece. When you have this in your hand you will feel a yearning to engage in sexual interaction. Your libido will be raging and you will be ready for an explosion. Sometimes in life you get in a rut and need a change in your love life, this piece will bring that to you!

I tested this item and couldn’t believe the intensity that I felt throughout my body. I felt like I had been on a vacation relaxing on the beach for a week. All the tension in my body was released and I had a new found appreciation for my sexuality.And did I mention that my orgasm was AMAZING! If you are looking for a piece that will bring you joy and raging sexual powers then look no further. Imagine your next date night with a special item at home ready for the best “dessert” you ever had!

This is a real ruby of blood sex lust. Not just screaming orgasms will you have but you can also use it in blood rituals and sex magic. Scream out and die because these orgams will leave you in a coma!
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