Sensation: Our Internal Antennae The internal antennae we all have it censored in our stomach. We all have that built in "gut" sensation that normally kicks in when something just doesn't seem right. People are told to trust their gut and not make irrational decisions that go against it--- it is your built in internal sensory component that helps you make wise choices! We have come across many people that we have worked with, in the past several years, who have no inclination to have ever being able to feel this sensation. I have a very sensitive internal antennae and so to me I guess I took it for granted that everyone had this experience. This is when it really kicked in that what I had was truly a gift. I can tell a lot about people, places and situations based upon the feelings that are triggered in my stomach. Anyway, when I realized how many people do not have this built in, or they do not understand what they are feeling... I knew we had to find a way to help with it! Shine developed a malki spell using powers of the Northern star that allowed the sensation to be felt by those who have never felt their inner gift. If you always wished that you could tap into that feeling, and feel that you end up in sticky situations because you didn't realize something is not right... then you need one of these! I love having this grand gift, so I hope that if you do not, that you will get one of these -- as the sensational knowledge is amazing! THIS RING IS AROUND SIZE 6 1/2. IT'S PRETTY STONE SPARKLES IN THE LIGHT AND WILL ENTRANCE YOUR MIND, ALLOWING YOU TO BRING FORTH ALL OF YOUR HIDDEN POWERS! IT WILL STRENGTHEN THOSE "INTERNAL ANTENNAE" TO ALLOW YOU TO GAIN A SHARPER PSYCHIC EDGE ON PEOPLE AND POSITION THAT WAY YOU AREN'T STUCK IN PERILOUS POSITIONS. THIS PIECE IS A VERY POWERFUL PSYCHIC MANIFESTATION ITEM!! ENJOY!
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