We have a new sex piece that is the ultimate creme de le creme. The piece is called "Intertwined Passions", and holds sexual spirited allure that will radiate a connection with the person who wears it right away!

This piece brings about a rush of powers that flow with the blood circulation and will bring about extended, extra firm erections and will impose a faceted sensation within the body to implore an interjection of extreme pleasure!

This piece will bring elevated intensity to you, and whoever you are sexually active with. They will be happy with your performance and the elements of power and force that you will be able to showcase.

If you are looking to perform and be the master of the bedroom then this is your piece!! You better be ready to be a dominant force and begin to generate impeccable sensations in your and your lovers bodies!!

This is a mans ring, sterling silver, and is about a size 14 -- this is a larger band size, but it will generate the powers being worn on a chain, or even being carried in your pocket. It was made large because you will want to place your forefinger and thumb within the band and roll it over your body to generate the initial connection -- that is why the sex sorcerer utilized a large size... to make the connection easier!

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