I'm about to throw this computer across the floor! I want to hurt it! This is the third time I have typed this up so now I will do it on notepad in case it screws up yet again!

I wonder if this thing even wants me to sell it! Maybe I could be like Rupert and just head into astral realm land until I die?

I'm going to type this up one more time and if it blows then it does.

What your looking at is a pyramid made in the 70's. It has a bottom that opens and was made to give you what you wanted. To make it work you would unscrew it and place what you wanted inside. It actually worked because it was not powered by the human mind but by the dimensions of the structure,even though small. This one is very different however because of what Rupert did to it.

Rupert was born in the late 50's and was a hippie by nature,not into war or the government and wanted only to drop out. What he wanted was to astral travel at will and when he wanted to. The pyramid did grant that to him. Rupert loved his traveling so much that he wanted to stay and so most of the time he was in his apartment laying flat and in another world.

He would leave his new found world which was his own personal heaven for things like eating and going to the bathroom. These things the physical body still must do or it dies and no more astral travel heaven for you!

Life was going great and he was happy in his own world but also needed two more things,money to pay the rent and he wanted others to talk to. He would meet others on the astral realm but many were just passing through or didn't even know how they got there in the first place. He needed companionship to make it all complete.

When you astral travel nothing is hidden to you,you see it all. Rupert came upon the crystal hidden pyramid and went inside which in travel you can do by thought or go through the process of walking in.

Rupert was greeted by aliens that were super friendly and had the whole entire use of their brains. Inside he saw that they had huge flat screen tv's that could zoom into our homes and world. You could touch them and go straight into someone's living room. They were not trying to invade privacy but were just checking on the people that were their own,people that they created. These people were the psychics,the mediums and those with extraordinary power,some where even offspring of the original people they planted.

The pyramid even had a baberie,canisters with giants in them and the most important thing was the Ambrosia tree which was well guarded. I have stuff that kinda comes from that tree which I will get on tomorrow. The baberie is where they used the matrix string of God from the right side of the Ambrosia tree. The term Ambrosia tree was used by the Greeks which also held the first baberie people.

I took a smoke break and lost my place but I'm back now.

The reason that Rupert was able to have such a great pyramid is because the aliens gave him part of the crystal,a chunk to let the energy and constant power flow through it forever. He was even given people about a year later to live in his own heaven. He then had a city and was doing to well.

About a year later during one of his trips back to this realm he was told that his brother was in a serious car accident. He went to see him and decided to stay around and make sure he was okay. He went home knowing he woukd get up early and check in with him. That evening he took just one hit of acid or maybe he did more,he just wasn't used to this world anymore. Rupert never came out of it. His parents being in their late 70's could not take care of him so he went to a long term care place for the mental.

Years passed and Rupert eventually died leaving behind two worlds that wondered why this happened to him. I know this because I have to test the items and find out if everything I was told is indeed real.

During my trip to Virginia I squeezed in a relative of Rupert,a cousin who was notified when he died. He asked me to come look at his diary because he wanted to know if Rupert was trying to publish a book of fiction or if it was indeed a diary or just the weirdness of a madman.

Before I even tested the item I knew it was real. I knew it was real because why a diary and the actual pendant? If it was fake would we have even found the pendant? I didn't think so. But still I read it and tested the item even going to RUperts own little heaven, a city he named Watertown. I don't know why he picked that name because you would think he would pick something else?

While there I was told of how great he was and what a peaceful man whith love in his heart. God,I hate the mushy stuff but that is what they told me. I just felt like Jason for a second giving love and light and bullshit! Not that Jason is BS,he is not but it's how he projects himself. I will only say I love you if I do,there is no fluff here! Okay so back to this stuff.

The bottom line is while this story is not that interesting it is the item that is. This item holds the power of that crystal pyramid on top of the power it already had. His needs for money were met,he wanted to astral travel and he did. What I would pick is safety and then all the rest as there is no limit to what you can do. You may also charge a stone in this and OMG you will feel the effects asap!

I'm so tired my eyes are closing.

You may ask of this what you want and you may visit the crystal pyramid. If your into astral travel I can assure it works so well. Love, anything,you name it and place it inside.
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