This piece is absolutely gorgeous and it is not small. The pictures on this piece really do it no justice. This is a vintage piece and I really do mean it is beautiful. I have two pieces like this but the other is a different color and shape. Both do the same thing.

There are two ways to use this piece. First it is a charging bowl and you can place even dark items in it and the power magnify but it will turn the item good. So you should not use it for items you want to stay dark. How this one works is that you must place the item in over night and let it sit there. The bowl holds an electrical charge in it already. This will do a charge according to what the item can hold. So if it can only take one step up then that is all it will do. If it can take a million times then it will do that.

The next way to use it is exactly as the witches of old did. You would take water and place in it and then three drops of blue food coloring. Back then an egg or berry juice was used. This will cause a picture and vision to take place. You can still use an egg if you know how to read them. There are books that tell you how to do it. The coloring however is your best bet.

These are both made out of glass and big enough to where anything can go in them. You can even charge your charging boxes in them.
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