Throughout history, various mysteries have come and gone, the facts behind which have remained shrouded in doubt ever since. The multitude of these truths reside in within the unconcious of all humans living, dead or ever to be born. We now have an item that allows you to access this library of mysteries and divulge their secrets upon yourself. Technically speaking, the ability to access and know the truths behind human history is known as "clairsentience." With this item, the wearer will have the ability to view past events as they occurred, from the view of a safe audience, and record their events in the memory banks of their mind. The implications are astounding! Did King Arthur really exist? How were the pyramids built? Who was Jack the Ripper? Who shot Kennedy? The knowledge that can be gained with this item is endless. We are delighted to present these to you and they will be on sale for a short while. You will get an item that will allow this to work for you. All items are different and so there are no pictures. We know you will be happy with the item sent to you.
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