These are amazing! You take the magic into your own hands or hammer! These real Geodes came from Mexico and were placed into the pyramids and then spells were conjured into them. You release the power which clings to your body and becomes a living thought form of a spell that you will cast. To do this you will simply bust open the geode and release the crystals and the spell at the same time. The crystals grow inside the geode and holds unleashed power until you open them. The pyramid add the extra mystical kick needed to make sure it sets. We have had some fun busting these open for various things with results of no other spell we have come across. The power of the pyramids is amazing! On a few of them we even were able to actually see hidden pyramids,it's a very long story. You may get these for wealth,love,anything you can think of. One does one thing,you pick it. You may also cleanse the home of negativity and removal of bad karma and curses as well. We LOVE these and the price is low not because they are not great but because we have a few of them. You will be so glad you bought them. Get one for money,one for health or one just to have better sex,it's up to you. Your desires are at the geodes command.

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