The following item is from our Fantasy Mind Island collection. It's no secret that everybody has fantasies. If you're anything like me, then your fantasies can get pretty creative. That's why we have made these pieces-- to be subservient fantasy generators. To activate your fantasy, simply wear the item. Lay down with the item on. Close your eyes and within 20 minutes, the fantasy that you chose will began to take control. Your body will erupt with sensation allowing you to live, feel, touch, breath, hear, smell, and even taste your fantasy. Your fantasy will only exist for as long as you are wearing your item. After you take the item off, it will be over for the time being. However, have no fear, because you can use these items as many times as you want-- over and over again-- to live and play out your inner most fantasies. For now, we have three categories of fantasies. The first category is Sexual Fantasies. Sexual fantasies are broke down into two categories: the males and females you want to fantasize about! Then, we have a category that will allow you live out fantasy scenarios, where you will be able to become a pirate, or an astronaut, or an old-western cowboy, or a king or queen from the Renaissance. The last category is an educational category, where you will be given the opportunity to learn or discover something. Perhaps you want to assume the life of George Washington or Napoleon. Maybe you want to learn how to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix or write like Edgar Allan Poe; that is what this category is all about. "What the Hell were you thinking?!" Did you ever have to say that anyone? I say this to my friends all the time, because some of them just have a terrible track record of doing the dumbest things. Either way, what if there was a way that you could actually get inside the minds of others, to really get in their subconscious thoughts to really KNOW what they are thinking? Well... ding, ding, ding... we have a winner!! This item does just that. It is part of our Fantasy Mind Island line up and will allow you to enter the minds of, well, anyone. To do this, simply use the piece as directed above. While you are lying down, begin to visualize the person whose mind you would like to enter! It's that simple. I've tested this piece myself, to enter my mother's head. There's so many "WTH were you thinking?!" moments with her. I was able to enter her mind and see her thoughts as if they were being played back to me or a very large LCD television. Isn't that awesome? This piece is amazing!! Don't let it sneak by you!! ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: WE ARE OFF DOING TRANSFORMATIONS And services this week. We will be back on the 5th. Steve will be adding stuff on this week. Please be sure to read the shipping policy. AGAIN, WE HAVE NEW BUYERS AND WE TRAVEL OFTEN. PLEASE *CAREFULLY* READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY. IF YOU BUY ON A MONDAY THERE IS NO WAY, NEITHER IN HEAVEN, NOR HELL, YOU WILL GET YOUR ITEM BY WEDNESDAY. WE HAVE A 10-DAY SHIPPING POLICY!!!! MOST OFTEN THAN NOT YOU GET YOUR ITEM BEFORE THAT BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT. IF YOU IN ANOTHER COUNTRY IT CAN TAKE LONGER. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CUSTOMS. WE ALSO DO NOT SIT ON OUR COMPUTERS LIKE FREAKS AND HAVE TO TRAVEL,GO TO THE BATHROOM AND EVEN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. ALSO IF YOU PLACE AN ITEM IN THE SHIPPING CART AND DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED. WE WILL NO LONGER GO BACK AND FORTH EMAILING PEOPLE TO PAY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

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