INVENT YOURSELF RICH In life it seems that there are always things invented, that most times are accidental. For example, in 1992 in a Welsh village the testing of a new angina drug produced firm evidence that it enriched sex-enhanced power.... this brought forth the invention of Viagra! Mrs. Wakefield (owner of the Toll House Inn) was making chocolate cookies and happened to run out of regular baker's chocolate -- so she substituted it with broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate, thinking it would melt and mix into the batter. It clearly did not, and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Teflon was invented accidentally by Roy Plunkettof Kinetic Chemicals in 1938. Plunkett was attempting to make a new CFC refrigerant, the perfluorethylene polymerized in a pressurized storage container. In this original chemical reaction, iron from the inside of the container acted as a catalyst... and teflon was created. These "accidental" discoveries are all part of energies emerging to showcase new adversaries to the Earth. You have to have an extraction calling to allow these ideas, concepts and inventions to flood your mind. With this piece you will become the portal to invent the next great thing~! So many things seem simplistic and we question why we didn't come up with the concept, or why we didn't get in on a piece of the pie? Well now your mind will be working in overdrive once you are summonsed with the assertion of power that will grant you as the next portal to enrich with concepts and inventive ideas. This is a very powerful piece that was imparted by Walter Crum, a noted master of energies and charisma --- you will love what you will learn, understand and create! THIS PIECE IS CARVED OUT OF AN ORIGINAL U.S. COIN. IT IS VERY POWERFUL AND, AS MENTIONED ABOVE HAS BEEN PACKED WITH PURE POWERS THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO INVOKE WEALTH AND PROSPEROUS RETURNS INTO YOUR LIFE.

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