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This item grants you an advanced soul cleansing~!

The energies invoked in this bracelet will remove negative karmic stains which the soul has accumulated over the years, be it in past-life or past years of your current life.

The soul may have learnt many lessons of which the karmic experience is no longer required by the soul, yet at times, the memories of these experiences may still linger around the soul affecting you in a negative  manner and stalling your human evolution and spiritual development. The purpose of this piece is to remove all karmic effect that is permitted by the higher powers.

This powerful cleansing will also work on removing "karmic cords" which are developed through sexual and emotional ties with different partners, friends and family. This advanced form of healing will further enhance the user's ability to progress in all aspects of life as the great burden has been lifted from the soul. It will lessen negative effects you experience and open up doorways to opportunities. The cleansing further will improve your ability to absorb psychic energies, attract luck, attract a soul mate, and become physically and emotionally more stable with uplifted thoughts.

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